Apparently, Staffordshire blues are not the favoured bricks as far as brickies are concerned. Bosses are another thing. When Clive told me that today, I told him to blame Dave because it was his idea. Clive mumbled that Dave could be blamed for lots of things. It’s probably a good thing that Dave is in Turkey.

Staffies (as they’re called in the trade) are strong and impervious. They have a low water absorption so they’re perfect for facing walls. The Victorians used them a lot on bridges, viaducts and canals. That works for me. They also look lovely.


And for all Clive’s gripes, he and Paul have done a terrific job so far. This is the garden end of the terrace. When the big doors go in, I reckon they’ll really set off the grey frames.

In other construction news this week…Bill and his mate (I still don’t know his name) are well on their way to packing out the roof. Having lined everything in pine, they laid down insulation then made a start on the second board layer. This is from underneath. The big hole is for the roof lantern over the kitchen breakfast bar…or what will be the kitchen breakfast bar.


I popped upstairs at the close of play and, balancing on the edge of what used to be the floor, I snapped this out of the Old Rose room window.


Progress is being made next door as well. Dave and Gail are having bi-fold doors put on the back of their house as well as having the toilet extension. The big steel beam went in today. Surprisingly, they didn’t call Paul and Clive for a hand. They must have been very relieved, because they were dreading it.

The work doesn’t stop there, though as the garden is starting to go mad too. The cistus are flowering and producing a lot of buds as are the roses. The last of the tulips looks a bit sad…


…but everything else in the garden was looking lovely.


I cut the grass, which had grown a bit since last week given the showers and heat we’ve been having. Still, doesn’t take long with half the garden being a building site at the moment.

Halfway through the day I had to take Day-z to the vet for a check up following her course of antibiotics (for her eyes and her tummy rash). The vet was very pleased, giving her a full bill of health. She then told me that ageing poodles tended to get skin conditions and, as long as it was only once a year, they could be treated with antibiotics without any problems. Brilliant…another thing to watch out for.

Day-z was so good at the vet that I treated her to a walk in her favourite place: The park. She knows it so well that she always confidently trots off to make sure her favourite haunts haven’t changed. I think it also reminds her of Carmen. I know it always reminds me of her.

Anyway, it looked lovely and green. So very differemt from when Belinda and Tim visited in the mud.


After we left, I was sitting in the chemist, waiting for Mirinda’s prescription, when I suddenly realised I’d left the power cord for my laptop in my office. I weighed up the options. There wasn’t a lot of weighing needed. I’d have to miss the usual 5pm bus and wait for the 6pm. We went back to the house and waited. Day-z didn’t have a choice, though I did try to explain it to her.

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  1. hat says:

    We like the blue bricks as well wait till they are all finished will be lovely. You get plenty of exercise so must be good .
    Love mum and dad xx


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