Making a difference

Last week, I found the house quite depressing. I’m not sure why. I think it was a combination of things. This week it all changed. Things were looking a lot brighter.

A large part of the change was the long site meeting I had with Dave the Builder. It was mostly about the terrace but he also pointed out things they were doing. For instance, the brickwork is nearly finished. Here’s the laundry with a wall.


I’m not sure why the Aggro Pops (as Mirinda calls them) are still there because the supporting beam is in and the rafters secured. Maybe it’s to wait for the cement to go off. Actually, if I think about it, that will be the reason. Presumably they’ll be gone soon enough.

Speaking of walls, the green room is coming along nicely. The street side wall has the hole for the window in it and they’re almost to the top on that side. To be fair, they haven’t started the opposite wall (which also has a window) yet but this is all supposed to be finished this week.

You can just see the roof of Dave & Gail's extension

You can just see the roof of Dave & Gail’s extension

But, best of all, the scaffolding came down this afternoon. Now that DOES make a difference.

I see now poles!

I see no poles!

Now, one more photo for this week. I think it shows the colossal size of our roof lantern (to be). Dave the Builder was telling me how it’s the biggest one he’s ever seen (or, rather, will see). He’s installed two next to each other that cover the same area but never one. You can see how the light will just stream in from this shot…well, when the sun isn’t on the other side of the house.


Don’t be fooled by the sunshine. It was an odd day of bright blue skies and sunshine frequently interrupted by total grey sky and bouts of torrential rain. Because of this, we spent most of the day in the office, scanning archive documents and burning the finished with paperwork. Not that Day-z did a lot of scanning. She spent most of the time sitting behind me on the office chair.

Actually, Day-z was made a big fuss of on both our bus rides today. One old chap asked if she had to buy a ticket, claiming that you had to once upon a time. He was about 80 so it could have been in the 1930’s. The lady who was with him (not his wife) was particularly taken with Day-z. Fussing over her, patting her head and generally making coo-ing sounds at her. She was reminded of her own dogs that she had owned many years ago. I think she missed having a dog.

On the trip in, we had a long conversation with a quite loud woman who was sitting about four rows behind us who was especially thrilled to see a poodle on my lap. She made for quite a jolly trip in this morning.

So that was our day. A happier house, a confident poodle commuter and lots of paper, finally digitized. It felt good.

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2 Responses to Making a difference

  1. hat says:

    Day-z is going to miss her trips on the bus and getting fussed over when you go back to the house,which by the way is looking good as you say more like a house.
    love mum and dad xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Very funny post!


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