Countryside wanderers

Today, in 1770, Captain Cook landed at Botany Bay and, to celebrate, I watched a lot of the World Championship Snooker from the Crucible…which seems to have changed sponsor. Last year it was BetFred and this year it’s DafaBet. It seems that since the end of cigarette advertising, gambling is the next big money spinner.

But it wasn’t all about the snooker. Day-z and I also spent quite a lot of the day exploring our new home.

First thing in the morning we walked up to the village shop for lunch supplies. It’s a lovely little shop, just like the one in Ambridge (that’s where the Archers live, Mum). They even have a dog hitching post outside with a very handy bowl of water. I tied Day-z up and went inside.

When I went to the counter the lady asked if the lovely little dog was mine. I said she was but that she was a pest. The lady wouldn’t have it, saying how well she was sitting and waiting for me. She may have changed her mind had she seen Day-z react when I emerged from the shop. She went a bit mental and made strange grunty noises.

We then walked back to the cottage and Skyped Mum & Dad for a lovely hour, most of which, Day-z spent on my lap.

After lunch and snooker, we walked down to the combined Garden Centre/Farm Shop for supplies for tomorrow night (Mirinda’s coming home). They don’t have a dog hitching post so Day-z had to be tied to a fence post overlooking a lovely little pond. She didn’t bother looking at the pond. At least not every time I saw her. She had her eyes glued on the door I’d entered.

Following a bit more snooker, we decided to have a look at Shortfield Common. It’s just behind the village shop and looks very interesting. Of course, we had to avoid quite a few fresh cow pats (which Day-z has been known to wash her fur in) but it was lovely.


We walked quite a long way before having to turn back because of an excess of mud and my inadequate footwear. Back at the cottage I watched a bit more snooker.

The day has been a bit on and off rain versus on and off sun. We were lucky and were only out in the sun bits.


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  1. flip100 says:

    How lovely and green that grass is dad is really jealous he would love to watch the snooker.
    love mum and dad xx

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