Day-z’s big adventure(s)

Up bright and early for Mirinda’s first trip to the station on the local bus. It also marked the first time that Day-z had been on one as well. It was the first of a few more today.

Our first hurdle was finding the bus stop. Day-z and I had gone out last night (in the pitch) looking for it but without luck. Fortunately, a couple of school kids were waiting in the doorway of a building that ends where the road begins. Mirinda asked them if it was the bus stop and they confirmed it. I should also note that there is also no corresponding bus stop on the other side of the road but the bus did stop there when I came back.

Anyway, we travelled into Farnham, Day-z on my knee happily looking around at the increasing horde of kids going to school. Surprisingly, no-one seemed in the least bit surprised. We left the standing room only bus at the station and waited with Mirinda for her train. It was then time for Day-z’s next adventure.

I had to buy a new charger for Mirinda’s laptop at Argos. Argos is on the main street that runs through Farnham so there’s not really anywhere to tie her up so I just took her in with me. Mirinda had already told me to just go in confidently, as if it was the most normal thing on earth. I must have managed this because no-one turned a hair. Even when I sat on the seat waiting for my order to arrive with her sitting on my lap.

Next the post office. It was all a bit of an anti-climax really. Although quite full of customers, the post office also remained uncaring about the addition of a little black poodle. I was there to pick up an undelivered parcel as well as post something so I was there for a bit so it’s not like no-one had the time to notice.

Then back to the bus stop for the trip back to the cottage. This ride had the benefit of very few customers and I was soon back at the cottage, ready for breakfast.

During the day, we tried out a couple of the walks quite close to the back door. The first (which we now call the Bluebell Path) runs alongside the road and just beyond a lovely big open field where cows graze in the distance.

The Bluebell Walk

The Bluebell Walk

This is the way to the garden centre and farm shop. It’s true what they say: It IS only ten minutes away.

There were a few drops of rain on our way back but we managed to get in before the deluge which struck quite quickly afterwards. A good time for lunch, I asserted to Day-z who would have agreed if she knew how.

In the afternoon, we went for a walk in the opposite direction, to find out where the village shop and pub were. We found them, just the other side of the Frensham Cricket Ground. I think we’ll be returning there tomorrow but this time with some cash in my pocket.

This time we were not so lucky with the rain and managed to get a bit damp before getting back.

I managed a bit of a snooze in the afternoon (I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night) before hitting the snooker and, finally, rabbit and bacon pie for dinner. As Mirinda said, it’s so lovely to be back in the greenery again. I mean, I loved the break in London but, when all is said and done, on purely merry mental grounds, nothing beats the English countryside.

I’m fairly certain that Day-z was completely worn out by her adventurous morning as she spent most of the evening fast asleep.

When I told Mirinda that I’d watched a bit of snooker in the afternoon, she replied “Boring!” When I laughed in disbelief and remarked that it was the World Championships, her reply was “That’s just boring on a global scale.” My wife does make me laugh.

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  1. flip100 says:

    Poor Day-z you wore her out she will be begging you to take her back to Sandra’s for a rest. I bet you would have got sent of the bus here.
    love mum and dad xx


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