Bed in, bed out

Mirinda now has a new bed at the flat. It arrived this morning, about ten minutes before the old one left.

I was a bit concerned that the new one wouldn’t turn up while the old one left, leaving us with nothing to sleep on – I suggested we’d end up at the Hilton. But all turned out well.

In fact, I was sitting at my laptop, happily Skyping with mum when I noticed a great big Benson’s for Beds truck turn into the road. I figured it highly unlikely that anyone else could be having a bed delivered around the same time, on the same day from the same bed company, as us. And I was right. I said goodbye to mum, locked Mirinda in the lounge, talking to Sarah, and waited for the bed to make an appearance…which it duly did.

The bed came in five boxes and one huge plastic bag (the mattress). The delivery guys dropped it and ran away. I remember the wonderful service we had from Furniture Village when our lovely new bed was delivered at home. How they couldn’t do enough for us. Two lovely chaps built the whole thing, took away all the packaging and even the old bed. Not so with Benson’s.

But I didn’t have too long to think about it as the guys for the old bed turned up almost immediately afterwards. This time I locked Mirinda in the bedroom, talking to Sarah, while this rather chatty guy took the old bed away. The bed was in the lounge room, which is where we slept last night and why I had Mirinda change rooms. It wasn’t because I was being annoying.

Anyway, new bed in and old bed out and Mirinda was off to book group. For the first time, she was travelling down to Alton by train from London. A bit different to the usual 20 minute drive in Sidney.

As for me, I had a bed to build. I finished at 3:30pm and suddenly realised I’d have to go and buy a sheet for it (the mattress is a different size to the old one). I made a dash for John Lewis.

I was under orders to buy the highest density of cotton thread (thread count) in order to achieve the best possible sleep. I picked up a king size fitted sheet which had a thread count of 1,000. I looked at the price. I don’t know about you but I reckon £150 is a bit much for one fitted sheet, no matter how comfortable. I put it back.

Given that the thread count is how many threads are woven into a square inch of fabric (that’s length and width), 1,000 suddenly becomes quite an amazing number. Still, given the thinness of cotton, I’m not sure I’d feel the difference between 1,000 and 420 threads per square inch. Not that I’m ever likely to find out.

Anyway, as it turned out, John Lewis has stopped supplying the king size 420 thread count fitted sheets (regardless of the colour). I know this for a fact as the young lad working in the Manchester department went out of his way to show me on their stock system. Sadly, he didn’t say why, possibly because he didn’t know.

So we ended up with a thread count of 200…which I reckon is more than enough.

Mirinda made it back from book group feeling rightly proud of herself for managing to catch the Tube at peak hour and rejoiced in the new bed, complete with sheet.

Speaking of numbers, today was 14/04/14…except not in any of the other calendars. Of all of them (and there are more than a few) I think my favourite is the Yoruba calendar of Nigeria. It only has a four day week and 91 weeks in a year. And, rather than being 2014, it’s actually 10056.

And now, without much more ado, I’m off to enjoy the fruits of my labour by collapsing on the new bed.


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2 Responses to Bed in, bed out

  1. flip100 says:

    Well glad you got it done before bed time looks great that was interesting about the sheet and thread count like you I would not pay 150 pound for one sheet or the whole lot if it came to that.
    love mum and dad xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    I can confirm it is a very comfy bed – vastly superior to the old one. I slept almost as well as I would have done with a 1000 thread count sheet….

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