Being a Wednesday I should be reporting on Date Night, but, instead I went to Farnham to check up on the builders. I do feel my life is a bit topsy turvy at the moment.

And it was a beautiful day today. Just perfect for mowing the grass in jeans and thick polo shirt, socks and shoes. The problem is, I have plenty of more suitable clothes upstairs only I can’t go upstairs. Actually, no-one can go upstairs because it’s not particularly safe at the moment. In fact, this is the sight that greeted me when I arrived.


This is Clive, busy bricking up and mortaring the gap at the top of the steel beam. Note the amount of Acro props which were the only things holding the back of the house up. Of course, now they have the steel beam…but they only did that yesterday and the mortar isn’t dry yet.

So, naturally, I couldn’t go upstairs. This meant mowing, in the heat, just the way I was dressed. I can tell you this, next week I’m taking my shorts and sandals! And I really had to mow because the grass was looking particularly lush. I guess a bit of rain and lots of warmth, will do that. But not just the grass. So many tulips are now open. It’s such a shame I’m the only one to see them all.

The new tulips down the side of my office

The new tulips down the side of my office

There’s still a few buds yet to open in this new tulip bed. The ex-hedge bed tulips, on the other hand, seem almost over. Well, apart from the gold and red striped ones.


But what struck me the most in the garden was the forget-me-nots. Last year we had a river of them, running up beside the gazebo. Because of the building works, I’ve moved one of the staddle stones to the corner of the hot border and it’s almost as if the forget-me-nots have created a lake around it.

Staddle Island

Staddle Island

Anyway…I cut the grass then burnt some documents that Mirinda wanted destroyed. That took a while. I also had a site meeting with Dave the Builder. Speaking of Dave…Dave the Neighbour’s extension toilet is coming along very well. I had a sneaky peek down his driveway and they have the walls up already. I really wish I’d taken a photo! Damn it.

Late in the day, the welding guy turned up to join the cross piece steels to the main load bearing ones. These beams are for the roof lantern to sit on. First Paul the Brickie and Clive tried to get the beam up on the scaffold but were soon calling for Robbie. He bent down, picked it up with one hand and flung it up for them. He’s an impressively strong man, is Robbie.

That was about it for this week. Before I knew it, I was on the 3:30pm train back to the big smoke. Even so, my mind went back to the wonderful tulips, sitting being admired by no-one. They’re probably quite upset.

One of the new ones

One of the new ones

Back at the flat I found Mirinda still working away. She finished soon enough and we went for a lovely evening stroll around Mill Quay before discovering the joys of Netflix.


And I almost forgot! The happiest part of the entire day. Leaning up against a brick wall were the utterly detested uPVC French doors! Paul the Brickie asked if I wanted him to put them aside for me to keep. I gave him a black look, I’m afraid. Anyway, this is a sight I’ll return to time and time again.


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2 Responses to Welding

  1. flip100 says:

    Really getting on with the house,and the flowers are lovely as you say no one to see them.
    love mum and dad xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Full many a flower doomed to blush unseen

    Or some such

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