It’s a door

What an odd weather day it was. When the sky was grey and leaden, it didn’t rain but once the clouds parted and a bit of sun shone through, it poured with rain.

After lunch, I was sitting in the lounge, about to take Day-z to the park because the sun was streaming in when I turned to have a look out of the window. It was pouring with rain and the builders were sitting in their car. And that was pretty much the whole day.

Paul and Clive spent quite a lot of it in the car, between bouts of cementing and scaffold construction – for inside the wall – in an effort to dodge the bigger downpours. Even so, they managed to half complete the laundry door frame which David primed earlier in the week.


For my part, it was still packing and dismantling, emailing and sorting.

It suddenly occurred to me yesterday that I’ll be without a printer for at least three months (I’m not taking it with us) and will not have access to our Dordogne bookings. This is no longer so. I spent a goodly while printing everything off. The paperwork will now be placed on the lounge, ready for our trip.

And that was about it. I’m really looking forward to having a rest on Sunday.

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  1. flip100 says:

    Looking good and getting there.
    Love mum and dad xx


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