The wall is joined

Finally! The extension is attached to the house. Paul and Clive worked tirelessly all day joining the wall on the Crazies side, to the back of the house.

They all turned up while I was up the shops. I met Dave the Builder in the dining room. Clearly Day-z is now very used to them all because she was waiting for me on the window sill.

After making the usual fuss over her, I went and talked to Dave about a few things (the new fireplace, height of the window, number of wooden windows, etc) while he primed a door frame. This will be the new door to the laundry and has been sitting in the corner of the dining room for a week, waiting for Dave’s paint brush.

Meanwhile, Paul the Brickie and Clive were in the kitchen, trying to work out where they would be breaking through next week. Paul is almost demonic with glee over the prospect. He gave me the impression that he’d be getting at it with a massive great sledge hammer first thing Monday morning.

Eventually Dave left and the boys settled down to a day of brick laying while I returned to the packing and moving that has dominated my life this week. I also had a few emails to dash off to various people but, basically, it was all about the packing.

Just before they were about to stop for the day, a big, sudden, torrential downpour drenched Paul and Clive so they decided to call stumps and go home. This is where they left it. This is the wall attached to the house.


Once they’d left (and between hours) I decided to check the camera to find that it had faithfully recorded all of the non-action (and action) since I originally set it up. I was half expecting to find the card empty. I popped the card back in and left it to it’s work.

And, for Mum. Here’s a photo of Lynden as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.

© Bob Seary - taken from the New Theatre website

© Bob Seary – taken from the New Theatre website

I don’t think he’ll ever give up theatre!

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  1. flip100 says:

    He looks good except for a bit of weight he looks the same. Makes me envious I still miss it. The wall looks good.
    love mum and dad xx

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