Sky ice

Having spent the night at the flat, I was part of the surprisingly crowded Sunday morning move out of the city. Or rather, out of Canary Wharf into the city. I left at 8am and was amazed at the amount of people I encountered.

Taking advantage of the situation, I had a lovely classic bagel from the Bagel Factory at Waterloo before hopping onto the train home.

Mirinda was busy Skyping with Bob and Fi so I, more or less, headed straight up to Farnham to shop for lunch and dinner.

While the day was not particularly blue and cloud free, it didn’t look particularly menacing. Then I left Waitrose to be confronted with a hail storm. Little white balls of ice was falling in sheets from the now leaden sky. I waited for it to blow away, which it did after about five minutes.

This pattern of various different types of weather was repeated throughout the day. When we took Day-z to visit the lady (Sandra) who is going to take her while we’re at Canary Wharf, the sun was shining in a, pretty much, cloudless sky.

Sandra’s house is brilliant. It seems quite isolated, deep in the woods near Frensham Ponds but, she assured us, is quite close to both Farnham and Hindhead. Naturally, Mirinda fell in love with it. When I said I loved the location but it wasn’t in walking distance of any shops, she suggested I could get a bicycle with paneers. I reminded her that she didn’t like cyclists on country roads and wouldn’t know which side to barrack for if I was knocked off of it by some impatient driver. The conversation moved along to another subject.

Sandra has a wonderful dog called Boris. He is three and Day-z actually seemed to like him. Mind you, we had impressed on her the importance of getting on with both Sandra and her dog or she’d have nowhere to stay during our absence. We must have impressed it on her enough because she was completely at ease, even going on a sniffing mission pretty soon after we arrived. Sandra, for her part, was happy to take her.

It was then time to head for Farnborough to buy a bed. This was a surprise for me but is something we need at the flat. We went to one of those trading estates where there’s a huge carpark, a big collection of shops that deal in big objects, a Macdonalds and a Costa. In short, the sort of places I dislike, intensely. Still, it’s pretty much the only place to buy a bed.

Waiting outside, Day-z and I attracted a bit of attention from various shoppers who took the time to smile at her but the majority of people were not smiley, happy types. They seemed intent on moving from shop to shop in order to fulfill some sort of strange Sunday ritual. They reminded me of duty bound parishioners making their routine journey to church in order to be bored and uncomfortable…because that’s obviously what gods want.

Then the weather turned. Icy winds blew down the paths. Even Day-z started shivering. We returned to the car. No sooner had we taken our seats (Day-z on my lap) than the hail started. This was my second, very fortunate, near miss. We sat and waited, happily dry and, now, warm.

We had a lovely, lazy afternoon, watching the TV and sorting the last of Mirinda’s essential items to go to the flat next Saturday.

And so, that was our final Sunday in Farnham for quite some time.

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  1. flip100 says:

    Why do you need a bed has Mirinda been sleeping on the floor all this time.
    love mum and dad xx

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