New laptop

Mum and Dad’s PC has been really, really annoying lately. It just turns itself off whenever it feels like it. It’s almost as if some mischievous demon has decided to move into the hard drive, delighting in irritating the humans…the way demons do.

This is nothing new. It was being annoying a year ago when I was there. I tried to fix it but exorcism is a bit beyond my IT skills.

Last week, it went beyond mere joking and became downright malevolent. After staying on for an entire day, Mum was thinking the evil spirit had found some other poor soul to torture with it’s games. We Skyped the next day. It was a waste of time. One or other of us would start a sentence and, bang, the PC would just turn off. This convinced Mum and Dad to buy a laptop.

Today they were sitting in their house with two useless machines. The PC, because of it’s possession and the laptop because Mum didn’t know how to connect it up. She’d called her friendly IT guy, Danny, but he’d yet to ring back.

One thing that was bothering me was the amount of stuff Mum would need to take off the old machine before blowing it up. Things like bookmarks, email contacts, photographs, that sort of thing.

Well, I’m glad to say that during a rather long phone call this morning, we managed to get the PC running long enough to copy everything they’ll need onto a computer sticky thing, all safe and sound. As soon as Danny has set up the laptop, we can put it all on it.

Meanwhile, in the back garden, we had a morning free of builders (they were doing something else while they waited for the cement to go off in the footings. They turned up at lunchtime and proceeded to mix up and pour concrete into the cavity between the rows of bricks. This done, they left. Paul said they now had to wait for that to go off.

It was a lovely day so we took a spin round the park, meeting lots of other friendly dog walkers and their dogs.

A great Dane puppy called Ralph wanted to play with Day-z but she just did her usual anti-social thing and he ran off. This is not the first time this has happened with Ralph. I reckon he has a bit of a crush on Day-z but she’s having nothing to do with him.

My afternoon was a bit dull. I was doing administrative stuff in the office, trying to listen to music over Carmen’s deafening snores. One thing that concerned me was that we seem to be paying twice for our electricity at the flat. It wasn’t until I sent off a scathing note to our provider that I suddenly realised one was for electricity and the other for gas. Irritating!

Anyway, here’s the situation down the side this evening.

From the landing window

From the landing window

And talking about photographs…Carmen was complaining that I rarely put pictures of them on the blog any more. So, I posed them on a handy bench while we were in the park, investigating the progress of the ditch clearance.

cheese poodles

I told them to say “cheese” and I think Carmen’s smile is more about expectation than doing what I told her.

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2 Responses to New laptop

  1. Mirinda says:

    I think there is another identical photo of them from years ago – with a little less silver

  2. flip100 says:

    That’s great that you wrote all that about our P C as in a years time we might have forgotten getting worse every day.The house looks like it is getting done at last. and I can see that the poodles are saying Hi Gma and Gdad we are smiling at you.
    love mum x

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