Talking about god

This morning, in Starbucks, I was unfortunately sat beside two guys talking about god and how much they pray. Seriously weird people. One of them was talking about how, when he wants to feel the presence of god, he puts his earplugs in, plays some music and just sits praying for a couple of hours. A COUPLE OF HOURS? Weird freak. Though they looked quite normal. I guess you never can tell.

I don’t understand why god needs so much prayer when he knows everything and is everywhere. Surely that means any prayer is a complete waste of time…apart from the fact that, in the real world, it does more harm than good. These guys were even discussing how fasting can increase their closeness to their non-existent god. One of them boasted that he managed 16 days once.

Back at home, Mirinda spent most of the day wrestling the floor plan of the extension into some sort of submission. She designed a radical new layout with the new fireplace as the focal point rather than the new flat screen TV. This is well and good except that the original intention was to make the garden the focal point and having a lounge looking out at it. She eventually went back to the original intention while incorporating the fireplace. I particularly like the patchwork sofa.

Our roast this week was the old favourite, pork with green butter. The house was very quickly engulfed in rich aromas. The promise was fulfilled with a veritable taste-fest. I do rather like our recent Sunday roast regime. I’m sure it’ll taste even better when prepared in our new kitchen.

Before dinner, I put a chain on the big side gate so the builders could come and go without me being there. This is going to be necessary with us going to Spain at the end of the week.

Carmen also needed a new collar so, after buying chain and padlock at Homebase, I popped into the pet shop. Last week, Carmen had a phone call from a kind lady who found her collar in the park. I managed to retrieve it (it had her name tag and phone number on it) and, finally, managed to replace it today.

And the best news of the weekend is that it didn’t rain. I was a bit concerned with the concreting being delayed that it would pour down and the trench fill with water. However, my fears came to nought. And so, hopefully, the foundations can start to appear from tomorrow morning.

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2 Responses to Talking about god

  1. Mirinda says:

    The roast was seriously good – Carmen prowled around the kitchen for hours proving that with the right motivation she can do more than just sleep

  2. I could smell it from here Yum!!!
    love mum x

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