And so it starts

Mud, clay, rubble…that’s what the garden has been reduced to. Barrow after barrow of stuff has been taken to the skip and emptied, ready for the next one. Until it’s time for the skip to be taken away and replaced by an empty one. And so it goes.

But, in order for this devastation to successfully occur, the digger had to arrive. It did, at 7:30 this morning. A very happy chap with half a dozen residential sized machines pulled up in his massive truck and proceeded to move it from the flatbed to just outside our house. Sidney was still in the drive so the digger had to go across the kerb.

Still cheery, the delivery guy waved a fluorescent glove at me and departed, his smile proving that while the day may have looked a bit gloomy, his smile would always be his umbrella.

Ready for action

Ready for action

Very soon, Paul turned up with his crew of two (the younger one and the older one) followed by Dave. It wasn’t long before they had Sidney moved, the digger out the back and everything ready to rock and roll. And it did.

The girls and I watched (sort of) from the safety of the office. Carmen wasn’t too sure about it all but Day-z wasn’t fazed at all.

I had a document to work on for Mirinda and I rang mum because she was starting to panic as I hadn’t responded to her texts, which I didn’t receive, following their annoying PC which keeps turning itself off, during Skype calls. I think I’ve convinced them to buy a laptop…or at least a PC that remains switched on.

Still not sure why I’m not receiving her texts though. I’ve had a look at a few forums but, so far, they have been about as much help as an ice cube to a polar bear. I shall keep trying.

Rest assured, Mother, we are fine, the poodles are fine, even Sidney is, in her own haunted way, fine.

By the end of the day

By the end of the day

It doesn’t look so bad in the photo but, believe me, it’s horrendous!

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2 Responses to And so it starts

  1. Mirinda says:

    I can’t believe they filled a skip in one day. I thought it’d last at least a month!

  2. Wow!! I know you said your house was small but it looks smaller in the picture.
    Wait until it is finished you will think you are living in a mansion.
    love mum x

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