When I’m moving windows

Another day’s delay. The builder is starting tomorrow.

I was up, ridiculously early, waiting for the crew to turn up. They didn’t. Eventually, the builder emailed to say a digger was turning up tomorrow morning (early) and he’d be here with his crew a little later.

First up, though, I walked Mirinda up to the station, thinking we wouldn’t make the train which we did, with time to spare. Just one more ocassion when the buffer system worked to perfection.

It’s half term so she had to share her carriage with families. One particular five year old was adamant she was going to be a ‘baby doctor’ when she grew up. A woman sitting opposite her told her that she used to be a ‘baby nurse’. The five year old suddenly said she should probably be a nurse because she’s a girl(!). Her father (and the woman), immediately told her a girl could also be a doctor. This made us both wonder where she’d picked up such ghastly stereotyping.

But, back at Farnham, I shopped, Starbucked and walked home, the weather coming and going like damp sheets flapping in the wind. It’s a great way to stay damp.

Speaking of unpleasant weather, while I was in Marrakech, a big, nasty wind decided to split one of our bedroom windows. Not the glass, you understand. Oh no, that would have been way too easy. No, the window frame split along the edge where the hinges are. Very annoying. It was going to be an awful job to fix. Then Mirinda had a brilliant idea.

Most of the windows in our house were installed when the house was built so they’re all the same. So, Mirinda asked, why not swap one of the ones from the kitchen (which is going to vanish soon) if it fitted? I thought this was a simple yet effective solution. And, fortunately, they did fit.

And so, I struggled with countless years of paint, freeing the screws, dismounting the windows and switching them. Of course, this was done between showers since, for the kitchen, I was working from the outside. It took a while but, eventually, I’d finished and, apart from the ‘new’ bedroom window needing a bit of sanding and a general lack of hinge paint, everything looked normal.

It was then off to the Maltings with Dawn to see folk singers, Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman perform. What a great idea. They were fantastic.

Here’s a YouTube video of them:

Kathryn sings, plays flute, clarinet and piano while Sean is an amazing guitarist. They write some amazing songs including one they only wrote a week ago called 52 Hertz. Sadly, it’s not been recorded yet but as soon as it is, I’ll be buying it.



Of course it was lovely seeing Dawn and we had a very pleasant couple of beers together as well as a coffee before she drove back home.



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2 Responses to When I’m moving windows

  1. Mirinda says:

    You see sometimes my genius ideas really are

  2. So poor Nicktor missed his night mind you he had had a Nicktor night for a week, And yes that was a great idea for the window..
    love mum x


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