Long time passing

Pete Seeger died today. He was 93. He co-wrote Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, which, coincidentally, has been stuck in my head since hearing it on Saturday morning. His last public performance was last September! What an extraordinary man.

Being a Tuesday, tonight was a Nicktor Night. We went to the Albion (first time for a few weeks) and had the usual ham, egg and chips, accompanied by a couple of pints then settled in to watch the interesting The Devil’s Double, with Dominic Cooper.

It’s the story of Uday Hussein (psychotic son of Saddam) and the man he forces to become his double, Latif Yahia. Cooper plays both parts with enough difference for the viewer to tell them apart. And, it has to be noted, he did a splendid job.

It’s, supposedly, based on a true story. If so, then Uday was a total lunatic and, in the words of Saddam, should have been gelded at birth. The power of the film lies in the fact that a lot of these monsters actually existed, were allowed to exist and held the lives of so many people in their hands.

There were a few bits of the film that I found slightly irritating (the love interest, which was completely unnecessary, for instance) but, overall, we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’d give it a 7/10, mainly for the acting skills of the cast, as a whole, and Cooper in particular.

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  1. Never heard of that movie.
    Love mum x


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