Chucking away

Today was a bit of an admin day (organising documents, sorting out our Dordogne trip, etc), with more mundane things thrown in. One of those mundane things was starting to empty the white cupboard down the side of the house.

The cupboard will have to move so the builders can get down the side of the house. Before I move it, I have to empty it.

It’s full of plastic storage boxes which, in turn, are filled with the ubiquitous ‘stuff’. This ‘stuff’ consists of things we had no room for and, like the Japanese, we thought storing it for years was the ideal option.

When I originally put the boxes in the cupboard, I had the bright idea of sealing them with the date. The one I emptied today was last opened in February 2009. It contained, basically, the stuff I had on my desk at Telewest.

Photos, badges, cut out news headlines, strange IT paraphernalia; general rubbish really. Most of it went into the bin. Getting all philosophical for a moment, I wondered why I’d provided it with a home for almost four years when I could have just chucked it away. The other thing, of course, is wondering why I moved it from Haslemere as well.

There were a few things I could use in the office (mainly for decorative purposes) but, essentially, it was rubbish. I was left with an empty plastic storage box which I can now fill with stuff from the house that can go to the storage unit, prior to the commencement of building. I shall date it again…

I don’t really see myself as a hoarder but I might be kidding myself.

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  1. I still have stuff from when we lived at Rooty Hill so beat
    love mum x


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