Ham, eggs and meeting

Mirinda had book group today and, unusually, I was busy as well. Months ago, Tony had organised a Presenters lunch at the Spotted Cow and today was the day.

Given we were all meeting at the pub at midday, I asked Mirinda if she’d drop me off. The Spotted Cow is not very easy to get to on foot, unless you live next door. It’s a lovely pub, nestled in a little valley just south of Farnham. We’ve eaten there before. The last time was when Ina came over to surprise Bob and Claire. Needless to say, it hasn’t changed.

There was a slight hiccough when we arrived at the turnoff and a chap in a van told us the road was closed. When we told him we wanted to get to the pub, he waved us through saying the road was blocked just the other side of it. Mirinda dropped me off and went back home.

It’s lovely having these get togethers because we don’t see each other very often and, rather than just a meeting to discuss issues, they tend to be a fun catch up as well.

There were 11 of us eventually; some of whom were a bit late because of the road being closed from the opposite direction. Food was ordered, pints swallowed and gossip exchanged. A fair amount of time was spent discussing the wonderful Jeeves and Wooster when one of them said he’d seen and loved it.

And then, ham, eggs and chips devoured, it was time to leave. Peter gave me a lift back to Farnham station and I walked home from there.

Spotted Cow, Bourne

Spotted Cow, Bourne

We finished Breaking Bad tonight. What an amazing programme it was. I’m going to have re-watch the entire thing soon.

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  1. That would have been very nice getting to see everyone and having a lovely lunch and chat.
    love mum x

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