Not a lesbian after all

Overcast all morning but not even close to any rain.

Nicole worked from home today as she had a plumber coming in to fix the plumbing her father did in their new kitchen.

By lunchtime, the clouds had gone, allowing a very hot sun to inflict its worst. Consequently, I sat by the canal reading about ancient Rome and ate a chicken salad sandwich.

Testing live links all morning – boring, at the best of times. It kept me occupied all day.

Stevie and Dave both recovered from their dizzy spells.

I wrote up a few pointers on the presentation from yesterday and Steve Johnson was full of praise (always nice) and said he’d pass it on. I was brutally honest, so it may undergo some changes.

Something jogged my memory this morning and I thought of Jumbo but couldn’t, for the life of me, remember his real name. I could see his face and I know I called him Jacques Jumbo when he wore a beret in The Good Doctor but his real name just escapes me.

It was quiet not having Nicole at work but she’d already emailed me four times by 11am.

I had an email from Anna ‘Fucking’ Glazebrook today. She’s had a life changing experience which seems to have turned her into a smoking, drinking, party-going, lesbian.

She always struck me as being very stressed and not at all happy with life but this new Anna seems happy and full of joy. Sounds a lot like love but may just be jiving. I mean that literally, not colloquially as she’s taken up rock ‘n’ roll dancing…again.

Perhaps it’s her second youth. Whatever it is, she sounds less disenchanted, which has to be a good thing.

And it turns out that she’s not a lesbian. In a later email she mentioned “…the new guy…” who regularly sleeps over.

The afternoon was pretty chilled, making, all in all, a nice day.

Mirinda was on my train, which was excellent and meant a taxi home.

It was a glorious evening and Mirinda pottered around in the garden while I made Brazilian fish for tea. We ate it in the front garden and watched the birds. Wouldn’t swap this for anything.

Bed at 10pm.

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