Remains of the Play

Mirinda worked from home today – marking…lucky thing.

Weather grey, but no rain. Equally dull day at work.

Dawn emailed to say that, in the play we left early on Saturday, the husband did it and the other people were undercover police. God, how awful. She also said that it didn’t improve.

After interval, they sat in our seats and explained why to the guy sitting in the next seat in case he was concerned. He said it was shame we left because he had some Australian money in his wallet and he was going to give it to us. Maybe he thought we were tourists. Very odd.

Settled for cheese on toast for dinner because Mirinda had a late lunch (caldo verde soup) after once more getting lost on Blackdown. I also had the remains of the toad in the hole from yesterday.

Rang mum and dad. Mum ecstatic that my toad worked. Dad told me he listened to 4BC radio all the time (Brisbane talk radio) so I said I’d look for it on the Internet.

Bed quite late.

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