Pollywaffle doodle

It rained all day yesterday so I expected wet puppies but, as they were both bone dry, all I can assume is that they spent the day lounging around, watching telly.

I made a jumbo pasta bake for tea last night with enough for lunch today.

Today still grey and supposed to be cold but no rain planned.

I made an ‘appearance’ on Brisbane radio station 4BC today. The producer called me and put me through to Tony and he had dad on the other line! We chatted about what I do and how long I’ve been over here, etc. Then Tony asked me what I missed most and I said Pollywaffles, which mum can’t get any more.

Well, after I rang off a whole load of people rang in, including the mother of the guy who used to manage the factory that made them. Tony then said he’d get in touch with the factory and send me a box full. Very funny.

Nicole came in this morning with a sore throat and no voice. We told her to go home and she did. Never takes a lot of persuading, does our Nicole. She missed out on my radio slot, but Stevie reckons dad is a ‘dude’.

Glad this happened because the rest of the day was NOT a big success. Fourth from the bottom in the football and absolutely awful at pool. One of those days you wished had happened to someone else.

Presently reading ‘Executive Tart and Other Myths’ about women in the media. Some extraordinary facts, eg of the 75 top editorial jobs on the London tabloids, woman hold only 11 and for the 63 at the broadsheets it’s only two! This was in 1994. Ten years down the track, I wonder if things have improved.

Watched the England v Portugal friendly. Late kick-off (9:15) and uninspiring second half. Should have gone to bed at half time. Ended up 1-1.

FIFA is trying to bring in a rule limiting substitutions in friendlies. Actually, the president, Seth Blatter, is the force behind it. In tonight’s match, for instance, the Portuguese manager swapped the entire team by the end, excluding the goalie. England did almost the same thing. What is the point?

I would have thought the idea of a friendly before a major tournament was a way for a national team to get valuable match play together but how is that going to happen over just 45 minutes? Or less? I’m with Seth on that one.

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