Lousy service

After a lovely Christmas break, you really don’t want a problem with your luggage at Heathrow. You really don’t want to stand around at baggage retrieval for a few hours waiting for the non-appearance of your bags. You really don’t want a customer assistance person telling you to stop abusing him because he doesn’t get paid to be yelled at.

We may never know what really happened but, according to the operations manager, the person who brought the truck with our bags on it, was a bit confused between the numbers 10 and 11. He may have left the bags sitting at the belt 11 position when they should have been next door at 10. It seems this person hadn’t yet completed his training.

Half the plane was cleared (we watched their bags going around the belt) but the business class bags were not to be seen.

Eventually we filled out a form so they could deliver our bags to the house. We then left the rest of them to it as we went outside and met Carole who drove us home.

I would just like to say to the operations manager, who claimed it wasn’t her fault, that it was; and to the customer services guy who doesn’t get paid to be yelled at, that he should cultivate a bit of empathy for passengers who have just left a plane to find their luggage isn’t waiting for them.

It was a terrible way to end a lovely holiday. Thank you, Heathrow.

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  1. Oh dear what a home coming. But at least you did get it.
    love mum xx

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