I’m still not feeling 100% and, consequently, I had another granny nap this afternoon. I’m not sure what the matter is but I get all lethargic, my head starts to ache and my nose starts to run. A summer cold, as my mum says, is what it probably is.

Anyway, before hitting the pillows, I planted the white sweet peas in the hot border and managed some dissertation work. For lunch I watched Portugal’s annihilation of North Korea (7-0) which was all in the second half. The North Korean team was holding its own and being threatening for the first 45 minutes but the Portuguese were given one hell of a team talk during the break, came back out and couldn’t stop scoring. A highlight was Ronaldo, showboating as usual and failing miserably.

After lunch we went up to the park for a walk. The fair is in town and Carmen was very interested in what was going on with the Dodgems. She stood and stared, alert and excited. I have no idea why. She’s seen stranger things as well as the fair last time! Maybe she has happy memories of last year. Day-z, of course, took no notice at all.

A woman, who I’d swear I’d never seen before, stopped to talk as her dogs sniffed around the nervous poodles. She said she didn’t know I had dogs. She said it in a way you’d expect someone who sees you every day to speak. She fussed over the girls and was amazed they were poodles. She wasn’t mad so I assume she’d mistaken me for some other scruff in a straw hat.

Back at home I crashed out with the poodles for company. Two hours later I felt a lot better and went into the garden with my coffee, the radio and dig bag and I completed the hole for the green cone. It was hot and sweaty work but I felt a lot better having finished it. After dinner I intentionally left a few bits of cabbage, just so I could christen it.

I’m presently watching Spain v Honduras. Spain are playing better than their last game but they still don’t look like world champions. Mind you, no-one else really does either. They are passing crisp and well and creating lots of chances but, coming up to half time, have not dominated as much as they should. They are also playing a bit dirty, faking fouls, elbowing off the ball, etc, which I really don’t like. Still, when they duck and weave and race down the pitch, it’s glorious. And the goal they scored was absolutely brilliant.

Carmen excited by the dodgems while Day-z looks in completely the wrong direction

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