Rubble and bubs

Jo, my cousin, became a grandmother today. Her daughter, Shannon, gave birth to a baby girl, Bella. I don’t think Jo is old enough to be a granny. However, this made me think of Beth.

Beth is Jo’s sister and, therefore, Shannon’s aunt (Bella’s great aunt). Beth is 18. Shannon was born before Beth, which means that Beth was an aunt before she was born. I think that’s pretty cool.

While Jo met her new grand-daughter, we met with our prospective builder. His name is David. He sat and answered questions for an hour and a half. Mirinda, being Mirinda, grilled him nicely…on both sides.

Having discussed the mess we’ll find ourselves living with, we are now toying with the idea of moving out for six months. We just need to find somewhere within walking distance of the house, where the dogs will be welcome.

Of course, that would mean moving our furniture as well…which would be a pain. Still, David assured us that it would be easier if we weren’t here. Not that he was trying to get rid of us or anything. Though I might be without hot water for a while.

Anyway, that’s all after Christmas, which reminds me…I posted most of the calendars today. I feel far too organised.

At the risk of making this post far too disjointed…I have something I need to get off my chest.

A long time ago, Mirinda pulled me up on something I wasn’t aware I was doing. Whenever anyone said anything, I would invariably turn it back onto me. I didn’t do this consciously but the effect was pretty much the same as if I did.

If someone wants to tell you something exciting or important, the last thing they want to hear is how you did the same thing. It denigrates their experience, forcing it into second place, making it unimportant.

One of the Weasels does this ALL THE TIME and it annoys me so much that I don’t bother telling him anything any more. I’m pretty certain he hasn’t noticed because, you see, most people have no idea when they’re doing it.

It’s very irritating but, my advice if you come across this sort of rudeness is to do as I do and just stop telling them things…either that or bait them. That’s always fun, too.

I call it ‘Experience Bingo’. If you find yourself near one of these people, make up an experience (the more outlandish, the better) and start to discuss it. Eventually the person won’t be able to help it and will launch into something about them. If you manage this three times in a row, it is beholden on you to yell out BINGO as loud as you can.

And it doesn’t have to be analog either…it would work just as well on Facebook.

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  1. I agree Jo is far to young to be a Gma, also Uncle Les is a G Grandad how about me I am a G G Aunt our family is growing and growing.
    Love mum x

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