Not a muffin basket

On Wisteria Lane, whenever someone new moves in, Bree shows up laden with various goodies. This is her way of welcoming any newcomers into the neighbourhood. She is always bright and cheery, making the newcomers feel comfortable straight away. Of course, they tend to end up being murderers or ex-cons with terrible secrets or gorgeous redheads with mental issues. Still, it all starts off friendly enough.

Apparently it’s a bit different on the very noisy, traffic laden, Hale Road.

Carla (another Starbucks barista) was telling me this morning about her new neighbour. Carla and her husband have recently purchased a new house. When I say recently, I mean about five weeks ago.

Not merely happy to just move into a new home, they decided they didn’t like most of it. From day one, they’ve been changing every room. Some rooms have needed just basic redecorating but, it seems like the entire bottom floor has been changed. And that includes some walls.

To be fair, they seem to have really applied themselves, wanting it finished as soon as possible (I can’t say I blame them for that, after all, who wants to live in a building site? Oh, that’s right…damn) and, I think, they’re nearly finished. Suffice it to say, though, for the last five weeks, there’s been a fair bit of building work going on.

Then, on Monday morning, there was a knock at the front door. It was their next door neighbour. She was complaining about the hammering, saying it was too loud and how long would it go on for. Carla said it was a good thing that her husband answered the door because she may have said something slightly unkind.

I’d love to say that the next door neighbour then produced a muffin basket, declaring that she was the Hale Road Welcoming Committee representative, but she didn’t. She did apologise for making their first meeting a complaint, though, so that’s something.

Poor Carla. She was clearly not very happy about meeting her new neighbour. She sounds a bit like the Crazies, if you ask me. Maybe they’re related…

Speaking of the Crazies…the gods only know what they are going to be like when our extension starts but I’m pretty certain there’ll be no muffins.

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  1. I bet you are not looking forward to your build, fancy knocking to complain then giving them muffins bit of a laugh eh!!
    love mum x

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