Mirinda had a little chook

We had another roast this week. Upon waking, Mirinda requested roast chicken for tea with apple pie to follow. She also wanted me to make my delicious custard to go with it but that stepped over the maximum allowable weight for the shopping bag, so she had to be content with ice cream instead.

While I was picking various foodstuffs from the shelves at Waitrose, she had her weekly Skype with Bob and Fiona.

That was about it for the day as we settled down for a delightfully lazy Sunday. Even the dogs missed out on a walk due to the rain.

The highlight of the day (along with the chicken) was watching the Dr Who 50th anniversary adventure a day after the rest of the world. While we thoroughly enjoyed it (particularly the previously unknown fact that the Doctor married Lizzie 1) I was a bit disappointed that Peter Davison didn’t manage a cameo, given he’s my favourite Doctor. Still, he was there via video magic so that was some slight consolation.

And that was it, really. A lovely lazy Sunday.

PS: Mum, ASUS is the brand name of my new tablet computer, a combined birthday/Christmas present from Bob. It’s like an iPad only better. And, yes, I am a very lucky boy.

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2 Responses to Mirinda had a little chook

  1. I watched Dr Who funny to see it way cack thyen

  2. should have been way back then Love mum


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