So, England was going to thrash the US, eh?

We had a lovely lunch with Sophie and Tom. Actually I think Tom had the best time, trying to fill the water butt with gravel. I made tabbouleh and we had it with lettuce and salmon on the patio furniture. Very civilised.

So, England have a good chance of winning the World Cup, eh?

Tom insisted we watch Monsters Vs Aliens. I loved it. What a funny film. Susan is a fantastic hero. And so nice to have a great female role model in a children’s movie. And Tom let me watch the entire thing.

I wonder what the record is for drawn matches in the first rounds of the World Cup?

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  1. Claire says:

    We are still at Angledool last night we had no signal. We drove to Hebel tonight to the Woolpack on the way we had to avoid about 30 roos and they were the ones we could see. Claire

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