Heading for China

Yesterday, a certain person left her eReader at the flat. So another certain person was put onto eReader purchase duty today.

I’d planned to go into town, anyway (the cab wasn’t due until 1:30pm) so it was just something else to add to the list. Like packing. I kept forgetting packing.

It was amazing the number of people in Farnham who knew I was off to Beijing today. Starbucks, Waitrose, Solent Cleaners…they all wished me a happy trip, laced with a touch of envy. I clearly tell too many people what I’m up to.

It wasn’t just the eReader that put an extra strain on my schedule. Last weekend, Mirinda won a couple of embroidered squirrels up a tree, on ebay and they turned up yesterday, when I wasn’t home. Signed for items tend to go back to the Post Office which is what the squirrels did. And I followed them there this morning.

Finally I made it back home in order to pack while charging the new eReader and putting all the books on it that are on the other one at the flat.

Following a lovely ham sandwich lunch, Carole turned up and drove us to Heathrow. She’s off overseas as well. She (and the rest of her family) are off to Sicily for a surprise birthday present for someone who is supposed to know nothing about it. Not sure how that works.

There were no problems with check-in and security was a breeze and I bid Mirinda farewell outside the Business Lounge and went looking for Starbucks.

I know most airports look the same but I quite like terminal five. This was my first time actually inside, and it’s quite nice. Mind you, it’s still quite new and not as grotty as the others. That’s probably it.

We caught the special shuttle train over to our gate only to discover that the pilot was going to be late because the flight he was coming into Heathrow on, was delayed. BA decided to find another pilot…which they did.

All up, we left about 90 minutes late, which wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t too bothered because the later we landed in Beijing, the more likely we were to get straight into our hotel.

The flight was fine if you ignore the fidgety guy next to me and the noisy eaters all around.

And then there was the strange little man who kept getting in trouble with the steward who eventually told him if he didn’t behave, he was going to call the police in Beijing and get them to meet him off the plane. That worked.

What the funny little man did was try and sleep in the little cross over corridor between the aisles. Twice, he tried and twice he was moved by the steward. He was also being noisy when everyone was trying to sleep. Basically, he was a pain.

Anyway, somewhere up in the sky we passed from today to tomorrow…

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