Builders two

This afternoon, I was just about to take the poodles to the park when there was a knock at the door. It was Frank, a young chap who had been working down the street, trimming trees and hedges. He’d finished early and was about to leave when he spotted the front of our house as he turned his van around. Would I like him to trim the small hedge between us and Crazies, he asked?

He quoted me a price, which I was a bit hesitant about. I then pointed to the wisteria and asked if he could trim it as well as the hedge and, if so, how much. He quoted me another price which I found was well worth it. We shook on the deal and he set to work.

Back inside the house, I tried to explain to the poodles that their walk would have to wait. I could hear Frank getting to work with his super dooper, petrol driven hedge trimmer.

Earlier in the day, I met with David, the second builder who will be tendering for the extension. His approach was completely different to Richard, yesterday. He wanted to discuss the nitty gritty, which was fine, though most of the issues he mentioned would be sorted out later and had little bearing on the quote.

He was also a bit disorganised, shuffling the plans around, trying to work out where everything was. I’m not holding this against him, at all. He was professional and, clearly, knew what he was doing. I have every confidence he’s a decent builder.

While he spoke to the poodles and patted Day-z on the head, he admitted he had cats. If the choice of builder comes down to the wire, this might just swing it in favour of Richard.

Then, this evening, I met Kevin, the third (and hopefully final) builder. He reminded me of Bob. Confident, jolly, and very professional. He knew exactly what he needed to look at, even brought a big torch to check outside. I liked him a lot.

Interestingly, Kevin’s approach was different from both the others. Obviously, there’s no fixed way to these things.

On first impressions, and prior to the quotes coming in, I think I’d put Kevin a very narrow first with Richard second and David, third. Though, in saying that, I think I’d be happy working with any of them. Very affable chaps with an air of knowing what they’re doing.

Speaking of which…an hour after he started, Frank knocked at the door to say he’d finished. An inspection proved this was so. The job was excellent. He’d even cleared away the off-cuts. As Dave, from next door, said, that makes a big difference. I agreed though I added that it would have taken me a lot longer than an hour. We laughed at the wonder of youthful enthusiasm.

I paid Frank and, smiling, he raced off down the street, on the lookout for anyone else with an overgrowing hedge.

The poodles then had their walk around the park.

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  1. Please send Frank to cut my trees Lol
    love mum x

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