Shunts of Meatballs

We were off to Ada Day Live tonight but Mirinda had a work thing and I had to be here with the decorator so I’ve had to bin the tickets. It’s a shame because we had such a great time last year. Oh well, there’s always Ada Day Live 2014 to look forward to.

It was also Tom’s 8th birthday today. Sophie texted on the weekend to tell us that he now has an email address so we dutifully sent him emails this morning with copious birthday wishes from Mirinda, the poodles and me.

I told him that Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs II has been made and wouldn’t it be great to watch it together. Here’s his response, sent from his iPad:

I. Would. Love. To. Whatch. Cloudy. And. The. Shunts. Of. Meatballs2 love tom

I think that pretty much sums up what happens when children don’t write things by hand and let technology do it for them. Still, I can understand it and love the fact he wrote back.

I celebrated his birthday by digging a new bed in the garden. This is going to (eventually) make up a wild flower meadow (a very small meadow, that is) just the other side of the path from the office. For the moment, though, it will serve as a nursery for plants we want to keep at the back of the house.



It’s not going to be the only temporary plant storage area, though. The bark chippings path I’m currently creating will also serve to conserve a few plants as well.

The reason I started with this bed is because I need to plant the rest of the crocosmia corms and we figured this would be a good place. Who am I kidding…Mirinda figured it would be.

First I had to dig the bed so that I can transfer the lungworts from the existing bed down to the path. Then, I’ll plant the corms at the back, in front of the ivy and periwinkles. Then, and only then, I can start transferring plants from the house.

Anyway, that’s a while off yet. Today I dug the bed, cleaned it up, laid down the mowing strip and, finally, added a few barrows full of topsoil. It was looking pretty good by the end of the day which, coincidentally marked the end of David’s day as well.

...and after.

…and after.

The bed looks a lot smaller in the photo, than it really is but that’s because it’s foreshortened due to the angle I’ve taken it. It is actually massive and was very hard work.

Meanwhile, I’d not heard a peep out of David all day. I did hear his radio when I went inside for lunch and I think I heard a sander at one stage but, basically, he just set about his job and left me to mine.

This is how the bedroom looks after the first day’s work.

End of day 1

End of day 1

Maybe the walls will be pale delphinium tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Shunts of Meatballs

  1. We think you are kidding us about the border it is more then likely smaller.Lol
    Your bedroom looks bigger in this picture then in the other picture you took. Looking good all ready.
    Love mum x

  2. Mirinda says:

    It looks a mess

    Can we have shunts of meatballs next time Sophie and rafi visit?

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