How to stop your man from straying

I was up and off early this morning as I had a Farnham Talking Newspaper to present. And what a brilliant team of readers I had. David, Liz and Christine were superb.

As we all sat editing they bemoaned the fact that the news was so dull. As we read the stories, the loud bursts of laughter in the studio proved that this was just not true.

One particularly hilarious story was a report on the most recent Hale WI meeting.

A guest speaker decided to give the meeting an idea of what life was like for a typical woman in the 1950’s. She read from a book that taught women how to hang on to their husbands by smoothing out their elbows, reducing the likelihood of double chins and sorting out their feet. As the report said, the vision of a woman sliding into bed wearing socks over oily feet and a chin strap fixed behind each ear may just cause your husband to stray rather than the other way around.

Okay, it’s not that funny when it’s written down but I delivered it really well.

It’s safe to say that we all enjoyed it thoroughly. And Mirinda came home early this week to cap the the day off nicely.

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