More Aussie visitors

Tonight we were going to have dinner at Tattershalls Castle, the boat permanently moored at Embankment. It’s a favourite place and, we thought, the ideal place to take overseas visitors for a meal.

Back in May, while in Australia, Kate told us that she, Richard and their three girls were coming to the UK in September. We’ve exchanged a few emails, talking about the trip and their various tourist plans.

Then, just before we left for Cornwall, I had an email from Kate saying when they’d be arriving and how long they’d be in London. it turned out that the only time we could see them was tonight. The plan was made (working around a general lack of technology) to meet at Embankment at 6:30 then go to the boat from there.

We met (eventually, given they’d split up and we then had to find Richard) and headed across the road and down through the decks of the TC. While Kate investigated the table options, we were approached by one of the Schumanian staff who told us that they weren’t licensed for children after 6pm.

Damn, we muttered as we disembarked and headed back towards the Strand. Mirinda then led us to a very handy Cafe Rouge, where we had a lovely meal, albeit French rather than British.

Disappointing restaurant aside, we had a lovely evening just chatting and catching up, discussing Captain Jack Aubrey and quantum mechanics, while the three girls sat, bored, at the other end of the table.

That’s not entirely fair. The girls managed to entertain themselves, particularly Edie who recited her 17 times table for a bit.

After dinner, we wandered up to Covent Garden for a bit of a stroll where we discussed the possibility of meeting somewhere near Stonehenge on Sunday (I’m thinking Old Sarum) before they leave for Europe.

I’d like to add that the girls were quite amazing. They ordered their own food, drinks and Dotty even managed to score a colouring sheet and stickers, having spotted them on the menu. Then, after dinner, they all settled back with their electronics and amused themselves. Richard and Kate should be very proud of them.

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  1. What well behaved girls so nice to hear.
    love mum x


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