Home from holidays

Up at 7am; Mirinda woke at 8:30 and by 10 we were on our way to pick up the poodles.

It was a glorious day on Blackdown and the pair of them raced all over it.

Back at home I made a yummy salad for lunch.

Most of the day was spent washing the holidays out of our clothes and finishing Normandy on the website. Which I did. Finally. Now I have to do the Tamar Valley. Bloody holidays. They never stop.

Made toad in the hole for dinner.

Next door (the Charlies) had a party this afternoon to celebrate the boy’s second birthday. It appears they only own two CDs – Johnny Cash and Tom Jones.

Will try and go for a walk tomorrow, weather permitting. Speaking of which, we had a very odd, sudden downpour this afternoon.

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