The full Irish breakfast

Nicktor and I sat under the gazebo, enjoying the dying rays of the sun over a cup of tea and he remarked that the lawn always looked so much better after mowing. I corrected his use of the term ‘lawn’ saying I thought this was far too generous for what I called ‘grass’, though this was also somewhat misleading.

Still, it did look a whole lot better than it had first thing, particularly the bit closest to the house. I stood at the kitchen window, first thing, thinking I’d need to get the mower out at some stage during the day.

Before doing anything, however, I had to go and pick up the poodles from their weekend break. The house has been very quiet and empty without them. Of course they went insane when I collected them and the quiet emptiness was no more.

Following lunch we had a lovely romp through the park. To be fair, they did all the romping while I walked behind them. That’s also a bit of an exaggeration. If there was any romping, it was down to Day-z.

The day was beautiful and not too warm so, in the afternoon, I dug out the mower and set to, moving garden items and scything through the overgrown grass. It may have felt ‘not too warm’ when I started but, by the time I dumped the last catcher of clippings, the sweat was pouring off me. The ice cold Peroni I enjoyed afterwards helped reduce my core temperature considerably.

And, of course, Nicktor eventually arrived for a Nicktor Night. He was a bit late today because he’s having a horrid and busy time at work at the moment. Rather than discuss it, we sat and talked about his weekend away in the Lake District with Matt, accompanied by the 700 odd photographs he’d taken.

We went to the Albion for dinner and were pleasantly surprised that the barmaid recognised us and even knew our dinner order (we are, both of us, creatures of habit)…and our table.

Our movie this week was Breakfast on Pluto. A wonderful little film. I was convinced Nicktor wouldn’t like it but he scored it 9/10.

It’s described (on the back of the DVD box) as a black comedy but it isn’t really. It’s a character driven piece about finding yourself, being yourself and living with the consequences. It’s also about the IRA, transvestitism and the Catholic church.

It’s also littered with music from the 1970’s. This makes a bit of a change as we usually watch character driven movies with an 80’s soundtrack. This pleases Nicktor because it brings back memories of his youth. It was lovely reliving my musical memories this time.

Anyway, the film was superb. I thought the performances were excellent. Cillian Murphy gave a tour de force performance as Patrick/Patricia ‘Kitten’ Braden. We’re used to seeing him in quite different roles than this. He proved that he can rise above the superficial character to one with true depth.

What I very much liked was the fact that he wasn’t victimised for his sexuality, something that seems to always happen in films centred around a gay character. He was victimised for a few other things but there were no serious beatings and name calling. I found this refreshing.

Like Nicktor, I give Breakfast on Pluto 9/10. It loses one point (from me) because the dialogue is sometimes lost in mumbles, something I find irritating.

Meanwhile, in London, Bob visited HMS Belfast and thoroughly enjoyed it. He spent over two hours there. He really is loving London this visit.

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  1. That was a great visit on Nicktor night and I agree Bob is having the time of his life.
    love mum x

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