Walking in Farnham

I set my alarm for 6am this morning because Bob’s flight was due to arrive at Heathrow at 5am. I figured it would be a bit late and he’d arrive at ours at around 6:30-7am. This guess was backed up by Carole (taxi driver) who rang last night to let me know that it was more expensive at that time of day and that she would probably see me at around 7am.

I slid out of bed at 6am when the alarm went off and slowly shuffled down to the kitchen. Having managed to quieten the poodles, I made a coffee which I carried into the lounge. It was about 6:10am and a taxi pulled up outside.

Bob’s plane arrived EARLY! Damn it! He came in and settled down with a cup of tea.

Mirinda finally made her presence felt at about 8, just before I left for the shops.

Bob hung around until lunch, just chatting and chilling, before Mirinda took him up to his hotel in the afternoon. He said he’d walk back to us for about 5pm. He wanted to take us out to dinner.

Before returning, Bob decided to take a bit of a stroll around Farnham. He wandered all the way down to the Coxbridge Roundabout then back, inspecting all the windows on West Street which he proclaimed had never been opened. He then walked up to the park, setting off for the top.

He was somewhere in the middle, out in the open, when the rain started. He figured he’d just set off back the way he’d come. He managed to find the Avenue of Trees and then the all weather path. All was fine until he tried to find our street from the path. He had a 50-50 chance of getting it wrong and he succeeded admirably. All he had to do was turn left…he turned right.

Anyway, all was well, eventually, and we went back into town (Bob had now walked about 50 miles) for dinner at Cote.

Dinner was fillingly delicious, the chat sparkling and continuous. A lovely evening which we completed by walking Bob back to his room at the Bush before heading back home.

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  1. Poor Bob mind you might have done him good but bet he was stiff the next day.
    love mum x

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