A pretty full day

Puppy School! Seems like an age since the last time.

Carmen was terrible! Day-z gets the gold star. They were both fine with the heeling but when it came to ‘stay’, Carmen wouldn’t. Over and over and over again, she wouldn’t.

Finally heard from Farelli. She rang just as we arrived home. What a horrendous time she had. For a start, the Concord was nothing special and delayed for three hours! Her friend wasn’t there when she arrived as he’d gone to Rio and David, who she’s supposed to be going out with, managed to confuse the weeks and was in Singapore.

And then the power went off on the way to the airport. She spent 24 hours on an armchair that she managed to claim in the Concord lounge area. The only food was crisps and chocolate – I know some people would claim this was perfectly fine.

She made a few airport chums though, so that’s possibly a very thin silver lining.

The next day, she only just managed to rebook herself onto the first flight out, as she was a business class passenger. When she checked in, there was one computer screen and all the clerks queueing to use it. Then there was an immense queue for security as there was only one x-ray machine working.

And then, the flight back had no food other than gungy sandwiches. While she was lying down in Business Class, she was face to face to a barrister who didn’t shut up. Well, until she said “Okay, I’ve got to sleep now.

Needless to say, she’s not coming to Edmond. She sounded awful; poor thing.

Mirinda decided it would be a good plan to drive to Woking and then catch a train from there, giving us more options for getting a train back. It then took us longer to drive than it would to travel by train and we managed to miss the train we planned to catch, by ten minutes. Mirinda admitted it was a bad idea.

We met Karen and Nigel by the nude woman and I went to the box office to explain that the tickets were in New York but I had the seat numbers. I was told off for not ringing ahead but it only took about five minutes to get it sorted. Plus the guy managed to sell Farelli’s ticket as well so I don’t know it was necessary to get so antsy.

Anyway, the play was excellent. Kenneth Brannagh terrific. Huge cast. I really enjoyed it though not really Mirinda’s cup of tea. She did agree that the cueing was excellent and direction very tight.

Nigel said he thought the American accents were awful and grated on him. They didn’t bother me at all.

After the show, we tried to find somewhere to eat. Ended up at Gabriel’s Wharf. Had a lovely meal (but quite expensive – £100 for four) and we had a lovely chat. Toasted Farelli’s birthday, since that was the reason we were all together.

Followed the meal with a slow,crowded walk up to the wheel.

Left for home on the 7:18 Alton train as far as Woking then drove the rest of the way, stopping off at the DVD place. Hired MiB2 but didn’t get to watch it.

Farelli called and she and Mirinda talked, non-stop for two hours! She sounded a bit happier so, obviously, she’d had some sleep.

I did some web stuff until Match of the Day started at 10:30 – first day of the season. Highlights included Sol Campbell (Arsenal) being sent off, James Beattie (from my fantasy team) scoring and Thierry Henry (Arsenal) possibly being in trouble for taking his shirt off and taunting the Everton fans.

In bed around midnight. A pretty full day.

Oh, and Idi Amin died today.

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