Yesterday was the anniversary of Nicole’s friend’s death – the hit and run – so she and a bunch of her close friends all met up to cry a bit and drink excessively.

This morning, Nicole, by her own admission, had the worst hangover she’s ever had. On her way back to Brighton in the wee small hours of today, she was leaving the train and desperately needed to vomit. She managed to hold it in her mouth (!!!) until she was able to spew on the railway tracks. Bet that smelt nice all day. Needless to say, she didn’t come in. Subsequently a quiet day.

I thrashed Stevie in pool – won six games, lost two, Stevie scored NOTHING. I was playing (unusually) very well. Stevi wasn’t too bad but just couldn’t finish the games off.

Made country winter pie for dinner – yum.

Reading Week, so Mirinda is home every night.

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