The Ring

Half a day at work. I had to leave early to meet the mythical plumber. Actually, we went to Neale Turk to meet the invisible (though not any more) Alice Grant.

She viewed our passports then, with Mirinda, she chatted about a right of way that doesn’t exist on the cottage. It seems we can park the car, via Blanket Street without a problem but we can’t then walk to the house. We’ll have to get insurance to cover our arses in case anything happens in the future – unlikely.

Afterwards, we pootled off to Guildford and FINALLY saw The Lord of the Rings – the Fellowship of the Ring. Very high adventure; very Peter Jackson. Mirinda enjoyed it but disappointed at what was left out. Jackson, preferring the epic over the psychological. I thought it was great fun but Frodo did get on my nerves a bit – I liked Sam and Aragon best. And Ian Holm made an excellent Bilbo.

Made pasta for tea, chatted/cammed with mum and dad. An all round great day – sunny.

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