Gossip and illness

Mirinda off work with a very bad sore throat. Marty off work with a very bad case of flu. Nicole has been off all week with a chest infection. Of course, I’m fine.

I had my interview for the Team Leader role with Maxine from HR, today. I thought it went well. An hour and a quarter, all up. I should find out tomorrow afternoon.

Went to lunch with Marina (Yates) and gossiped about everything. It seems that Anna is turning into another Dee, creating imaginary positions, while Chris (Townsend) just blindly signs off everything. He’s like a lawyer with an excellent client list – not good at law but make him a partner.

A new woman (temping at present), Catherine, at work, taking over Topaz from FB, is way annoying. Trying a little too hard. I wonder how Nicole will get on with her next week?

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