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I should explain something. A ‘rescue’ dog, as I referred to the other day, is a dog that has come from a dog’s home after suffering some sort of abuse or neglect. Our neighbours, and indeed quite a few people in Farnham, take them on to help them re-adjust to a world that doesn’t involve some sort of physical and/or mental pain.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with this entry. Today we went to Ben & Monali’s for lunch. I haven’t seen them for ages. Given that Imogen has grown a year we figured it’s been a year. I have seen Ben once in there, when we went out to dinner with Mirinda’s work chums, but Monali and Imogen were not there. According to Imogen, she’s “not a baby, I’m 2!“. She’s also quite pleased with her potty skills.

So, I was looking forward to one of Monali’s wonderful Indian feasts. But here’s the thing. Ben didn’t give her much warning that he’d invited us for lunch so she had to throw something together.

Now I have always said that Monali is one of my favourite chefs in the entire universe but that opinion has always been based on her Indian food. Well, her British/European food is bloody brilliant as well.

Slow roasted lamb that melted off the bone, mashed carrots, a sauté of vegetables, mint sauce…fantastic. Super delicious. Loved it. Mustn’t forget the dessert. A chocolate pudding with pears. Sounds rich and it was. With just a daub of ice cream. Perfect.

We had a lovely afternoon. Imogen has become very entertaining in the last year. She’s very articulate and very cheeky with it. I didn’t have to sit through any DVDs but did spend quite a bit of time watching her ride her scooter round and round what Ben laughingly calls their back yard.

When we arrived home, afterwards, we played lots of music, very loudly and sang a lot. Hopefully that annoyed the neighbours.

Mirinda and Imogen

Mirinda and Imogen

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  1. Claire says:

    What a delicious meal you enjoyed at Ben & Monali’s. Imogen and Mirinda look very relaxed together. Love to you both, Claire

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