Today after lunch in the Science Museum cafe, I popped into the shop to check out what sort of stuff they sell at a museum devoted to technology and invention.

An amazing array of telescopes, unstoppable remote control cars, the smallest remote control helicopter (“Fly from your armchair“) and all manner of other boy’s toys things.

They also have a whole eco section with solar powered portable device chargers and the like. All in all, the shop is pretty cool.

I also went to the bookshop (always cool) and bought the sixth Hitchhiker book (And Another Thing) written, not entirely, by Douglas Adams because he died. Eoin Colfer, the writer of the Artemis Fowl novels, took up the baton and continued the adventures of Arthur and Ford and Trillian and Zaphod.

We’re hoping it’ll be good as we are both big fans of the books. The books were the reason why we use Hotblack Desiato as agents for the flat at Islington. Adams used them as the name of a character in one of the books. So far book 6 (page 15) is very funny and just like the other five novels.

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