I worked in the garden this afternoon, removing the two strawberry plants I put in two years ago. They had managed to completely cover the bed they were in, multiplying to around a thousand plants. Unfortunately, among the strawberry plants and the assorted weeds were some nasty nettles. After a chance brushing against my hand, I put my gardening gloves on!

Of course this was in the afternoon after lunch in town with Mirinda. The day wasn’t as hot as it has been and our wander round St Katherine Docks and the Tower was very pleasant.

We discovered an amazing sculpture. It is a massive sundial, designed by Wendy Taylor in 1973 and seems to be floating in space because it is held in place by three big chains. There is a gnomon poking through the middle of the circular time piece. It is this that the sun strikes and casts a shadow. But here’s the thing, although the sun was out and we were casting shadows, the sundial had no shadow! I figured the batteries were flat.

The sundial is just down from Tower Bridge, which looked fantastic so close. We wandered back to the gherkin along the river bank, passing the tourist hordes milling around the many entrances to the Tower.

Another lovely Wednesday.

Sundial at entrance to St Katherine Docks

Sundial at entrance to St Katherine Docks


I watched a programme about the opera singer, Danielle de Niese tonight. Apart from an amazing voice, a great, sparkling personality and a wonderful talent, she was the youngest person to ever win Johnny Young’s Young Talent Time! She was 9. Of course, she’s Australian. You can read about her here.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I remember that young girl she was so good, for once you sound as if you are having wonderful weather for your summer it is cold here thank goodness had enough heat for a few months. love mum

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