The Dubliners?

I am in a dilemma.

I have recently been headhunted for a role in to be Dean of the law school that trains all the barristers in a certain small wet celtic nation. I was very interested when they called, being more than usually pissed off with work and GNF, so agreed to be interviewed. It was a long journey – 12 hours each way by taxi, tube, train, ferry and taxi (and then taxi, ferry, train, tube, train, taxi to get back home). Sadly I couldn’t fly as I found the country concerned was too wet and too celtic for any business class flights to travel to (seriously). And in any case the volcano blew up that weekend.

So I finally arrived, stayed over 2 nights had 1 day sight-seeing and an hours interview. The interview panel was amazing – two High Court judges (both ladies), the under secretary of the attorney general’s department, a professor of economics from their top university, and a senior counsel. It is a very senior post, reporting into a standing committee of judges and senior counsels, and involving much collaboration with a whole variety of legal big wigs. The interview went well, though the lady judges frowned at me most of the time – possibly because I wore a skirt with frilly ruffles (deliberately as a symbol of non conservatism) and when asked about my management style declared that I liked change and development and promoted it with my teams (I had to make this clear as I had only discovered that day that the motto of the law school is “we shall not change”). I also had to make it clear I was not a barrister and when asked if I had a criminal record I said “Yes, 11 convicts in my direct line of ancestry – you should see my family tree”.

Despite all this, they have asked me back for a final round interview and I get the distinct impression that I am the favoured candidate.

The buildings of this place are amazing – built about 500 years ago – and the office of the Dean is literally about 30 feet long and 25 feet wide and is used as a room location for period films sometimes.


But … that motto “we shall not change” when I saw it I turned to the CEO and said “Are you sure you want to interview me?” Also as an institution it is a monopoly and elitist and possibly …. a bit dull and maybe not that challenging

5 staff, 500 students, being completely in charge v the chaotic minefield of ABC with its 10000 students and hundreds of staff

So – a dilemma.

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3 Responses to The Dubliners?

  1. Claire says:

    My Darling Mirinda, if the small wet Celtic nation bothers to study your family tree they will gleefully discover that it is only the English line which has a criminal background not the Irish, Scottish or Manx line. Love to you both, Claire

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Well I don’t think they deserve to get you if they don’t want change, how can a college teach to the young people of today with old ideas. And I wish I had some crims in my family who came out here. Fred and I started the immigration so no such luck. We are very proud of you. love us

  3. Claire says:

    I agree entirely with the comment posted by ”us”.Claire

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