Airports galore

Up at 4:15am to be ready for Col at 5:30. Dad woke up to say goodbye but then, according to mum, went straight back to bed – smart move. A very nice but surprisingly busy coach to the airport. I’d said to mum that I hoped I’d not be the only passenger so I could sleep and not have to keep the driver awake. This was certainly not the issue as there were only a couple of empty seats. Though, to be fair, I listened to the Archers on the iPod rather than sleep, saving any sleep for the planes.

I checked in just after 7am for the 8am flight to Sydney. I was a little concerned at the size of the queue, thinking I’d not make it but the huge group in front of me were all travelling together and went to the same check-in desk. I sailed through.

The flight to Sydney was full. For some reason there was a much greater percentage of females on board. There was also a predominance of pink luggage and oversized make-up bags. It being a long weekend in Oz, maybe explains it. I’m not sure what explains the women in spangled trousers.

Being in groups meant the passengers all chattered non-stop to Sydney, surrounding me in high pitched, excited sound. And I’m not exaggerating. Non-stop! The two women sitting across the aisle from me could have represented Australia in the non-stop talking championships and easily won.

From Sydney airport (where we landed on time) I hopped on the train for the very easy single stop (though a bit expensive at $5) to the International Terminal. My flight was due to leave at 2pm – I arrived at the deserted Cathay Pacific check-in desks at 10:20. They opened at 11.

The reason I was so early was because I didn’t want a repeat of my heart stopping dash in Melbourne last time, when my connecting flight from Brisbane was horrendously delayed. Of course, having such a large buffer more or less guaranteed all flights were early or on time. Subsequently, I had a long wait for my flight to Hong Kong. This was still preferable to a mad dash. Luckily I had a lot of Archers episodes to catch up on.

Seat 30G, as I have said before, is fabulous. Actually, all the seats in row 30 are fabulous. Particularly when every second seat is empty. I am in love with Premium Economy.

On Karen’s recommendation, I watched Argo. I’ve never been that keen on Ben Affleck so had been more than a bit reticent but Karen said I should try and get over my Affleck-tion and give it a go. I’m glad I did.

What a terrific film. Amazing that it’s based on actual events. John Goodman and Alan Arkin were particularly brilliant. And, against expectation, Affleck’s acting and direction were both superb.

I also watched A Good Day to Die Hard. A total cack. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bruce Willis his usual understated but hilarious hero as John McClane. The action is almost non-stop and the chase scene through Moscow is extraordinary.

I arrived at Hong Kong to find that my flight was delayed by two and a half hours. I already had a two hour wait for the connection. My flight to Heathrow was re-scheduled to depart at 2:40am.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Good to know you had some good movie’s to watch…to you. At least caught up with the Archers
    love mum x


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