Today was the hottest of the year so far. According to the weather station, at 5pm it was 40! It’s important to remember that the weather station thermometer is hit directly by the sun for most of the day, so it’s not really the temperature in the garden, as such. It’s actually more accurate if it’s cloudy. At the moment (11:14pm) it is 15 and a light breeze has sprung up, wafting wisteria scent through the house.

It was, indeed, quite warm today. To that end I mowed the lawn early and walked the dogs late, making sure I was in the house working on my dissertation proposal during the midday heat.

We also have an almost full moon. I just went for a wander up the back and it’s very bright and, fortunately, a lot cooler. So sleep should be easy.

Here’s what the park looked like this afternoon.

Farnham Park on the hottest day so far

Farnham Park on the hottest day so far

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3 Responses to Hottest

  1. Claire says:

    Farnham park looks inviting even on a hot day.Mum and her friend Rona came for a few days for a short break at Dural we drove mum home on Monday.As part of the entertainment we took them to see “Annie” on the Friday night at the Dural hall.They enjoyed the production and so did we. I took them to Greenshades on the Friday for lunch and as Bob golfed on the saturday we had lunch at Geranium Cottage on the saturday.They enjoyed walking through the geraniums and then a long walk through Swanes nursery.I cooked cutlets for dinner saturday which we all enjoy. Sunday we drove to the Blue Mountains to visit Bygone Beauties ( how appropriate). Of course we had the full high tea silver service the waiter dressed in top hat and dress suit and the music Rule Britannia.Mum is 91 and Rona 85 they really enjoyed themselves and went home for a rest.Claire

  2. Mum Cook says:

    I s that what you call your hottest day didn’t think England got
    that hot how do you manage. Love the photo of the park so green and peacful.
    Love mum

  3. Mirinda says:

    Well it was hot – but no way 40 degrees!! Even when very hot here it is always pleasant and cool in the shade and in the evenings – unlike Oz.

    I love the sound of the cutlets …..

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