Well, I am very sorry to report that Karen did not win the Postcard of the Year. As unbelievable as that sounds, I have to report that it is true. I checked the website and some other stupid postcard won when her’s was clearly the obvious winner. If you’d like to see what the fuss was all about, the finalists are here – just scroll down and you’ll see Karen’s, which was postcard of the month in June 2012 and features Spiderman.

On a happier note…we saw Farelli today. She wanted to meet up without the kids so we suggested we meet up at the World’s Greatest Bakery in Glenorie. She rather doubted the veracity of this assertion but I assured her they made the best sausage rolls EVER!

Well, she very quickly realised that I was correct. To quote her directly:

Yes the sausage rolls were pretty much ‘the best’ as was the pie I had later.

Anyway, bakery products aside, we chatted for ages about, just about, everything. We were strangely interrupted by the sudden appearance of Bob who we thought was on his way to pick up Fiona from the airport. He dashed in, collected the toll bipper thingy from George and was off before we quite knew what had happened.

Farelli and Mirinda

Farelli and Mirinda

We expressed our concerns for Farelli’s rescue cat (among other things) and she left for the reasonable trip back to Umina.

Back at Dural we were joined (once more) by Fiona, who had decided to join us for the weekend. I was particularly pleased about this as she insisted on telling me over and over again to stop scanning and processing the hundreds of photographs still to work through. For this reason, I stopped 15 short of 2,000. A bit annoying, but thank you, Fi.

We ended the night with some lovely takeaway Thai and a bit of French open before bed.

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2 Responses to A-Day

  1. flip100 says:

    Lovely picture of the girls. love mum x

  2. Fiona Hassell says:

    Enjoying your blog, you worked so hard on all the photos Gaz, I thought you needed a break!! But I’m sure I’ll enjoy looking at them all!! love Fi. xx

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