The pub above is where we performed Silly Cow, many years ago. It stands across the road from the Harold Park Racetrack. At least it did. The racetrack is no more, being slowly replaced by apartments. Very soon the only reminder that there was a racetrack there, will be this pub. And then, one day in the sad future, someone will change the name of the pub and this blog post will be one of the few reminders of a great Sydney institution.

I walked passed this memory with Karen, today. We met at the QVB at 9:30 and spent the entire day together, walking all over. To be fair, the first bit was on a bus as we travelled to Annandale and the Annandale Gallery, to see Zadok Ben-David’s The Other Side of Midnight. Zadok is an Israeli artist (though, apparently, the MCA doesn’t consider his work ‘art’ per se, preferring to call him a craftsman) who makes the most amazing sculptures. They are very thin and made of aluminium. They mostly depict human figures made up of smaller human figures with butterfly wings. Though he also creates some wonderful plant shapes, complete with their own shadows. Excellent stuff.

It was then off for lunch in Glebe (after a walk to the Thai place that Karen and Nigel used to frequent before they moved to the UK then moved back again). The food was very spicy or, as Karen says, proper Thai food and not like the pretend stuff you get in Britain. It was also very yum!

We then walked all the way across Sydney to take in the photographic exhibition at the State Library of NSW. Actually there’s a number of photographic exhibitions at the State Library of NSW and we saw most of them but the one we’d actually intended to see was called Magnum on Set. It is a series of on set photographs taken during the filming of some iconic films like Some Like it Hot, Planet of the Apes, Moby Dick, etc.

That's NOT Karen on the left, by the way
That’s NOT Karen on the left, by the way

Some amazing images which tend to magnify the productions.

As well as Magnum on Set, we also saw Head On, which is a photographic competition of portraits. Some of them were brilliant, others not so much. I thought the winning portrait only won because it tugged at the heartstrings rather than because it was a brilliant portrait. I thought the shot of the stockman, which came second, would have been a much better winner. Still, who am I to judge?

Karen had been nominated in Postcard of the Year 2012/2013 (having already won Postcard of the Month), for one she was involved in producing for the MCA, so we wandered down to the Forbes Hotel for a couple of drinks before we parted company (her for her flat, me for the bus back to Castle Hill).

And so our day drew to a close, all too soon as I boarded the 4:30 bus.

While back at Dural, I scanned a few more photographs for the ever increasing Flickr collection, and came across this one of Sally, Mirinda and Lisa, taken just before boarding Bob’s plane.

Three hotties
Three hotties

I’m a bit stunned by Lisa’s bleached hair!

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Good you got to see Karen again. My goodness those girls look so young.
    love mum x


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