In Godoomba

The other horrid thing about Lilianfels, is the coffee in the room. Instead of the usual instant coffee granules or the pop in capsules, they have decided to go with the abomination that is the coffee bag. Now, I realise my sister-in-law will disagree with me on this but they are a tasteless waste of time.

Meanwhile at breakfast…a near scrambled eggs disaster was averted! I was totally up for the cooked breakfast only to find the eggs were gone! This paragraph would have ended very differently if a new load hadn’t suddenly appeared before I finished eating.

I didn’t realise that the Jamison Valley is called the Godoomba Valley by the local aborigines and I guess this is where the name Katoomba comes from.

After we left Katoomba, way back in 1997 (or thereabouts), the Rotary club built a big statue to commemorate the building of the first road across the mountains. One of the figures bears a remarkable likeness to me, I think.


The two guys working are convicts, the guy in the hat and the cup of tea is a smiling soldier and the three on the right are chuckling aborigines, clearly unimpressed with the need for a road.

Speaking of chuckling…while we stood at a wonderfully (almost) deserted Echo Point an overexcited group of five Japanese tourists came racing over to have their photos taken by each other with their backs to the view. Perfect.

Having survived breakfast we made the usual pilgrimage to our old house in Sixth Avenue. I’m pleased to announce that there seems to have been a change of owner since last time as the front garden is once more a bit wild (the way we had it) and the majority of gnomes have gone.

Our little log cabin
Our little log cabin

I really want to say ALL the gnomes but I spotted one as we pulled away. Something else I spotted and, at first, thought was our old Longbourne sign was the name of the house. I managed to get a photo of it. I thought it was Norwegian.


This means ‘mountain house’ in Icelandic. I reckon it’s just about perfect.

We then went to Leura for a bit of a wander through the many shops of the village finishing up at a hippie coffee shop for a latte. It was then to the Edge to see the new Star Trek film Into Darkness. What a hoot! We thoroughly enjoyed it and managed to miss the rain.

Before returning to the hotel, we decided to take a bit of a run further up the mountain and we stumbled upon Hargraves Lookout. What an amazing place. It’s basically a spit of land jutting out over the valley with views almost completely around. It was also remarkably quiet.

The Megalong Valley
The Megalong Valley

We spent a long time just marvelling at the views before hopping back into George for the return trip down the gravel road. Another car passed us on their way out to the lookout just as the rain started. The rain didn’t stop until we made it back to Katoomba.

For dinner, Bob popped up to join us in Darley’s, a wonderful restaurant that deserves a Michelin star at the very least. Thoroughly enjoyable meal. (Thank you, Bob.)

And then, to bed. Our last night in Katoomba. Tomorrow we go back home.

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2 Responses to In Godoomba

  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Wow! I thought your Log Cabin looked better then that when you had it, may be next time you see it might be more spussed up.
    love mum x

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    Forgot to say the other convict wants to get to work or he will be put on the chain gang,
    love mum again xx

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