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So, we’ve journeyed up to the mountains for a few nights in Katoomba. We decided to splash out and stay in the luxury that is Lilianfels. Now, don’t get me wrong, the place is lovely, the rooms big, the staff attentive…however, they charge you for every little extra they can. I should stress that, unlike Ryanair, they do stop short of charging per sheet for the toilet paper.

The thing is, if someone is willing to pay a lot of money for a hotel, isn’t it obvious that things like wi-fi should be included? I mean put the room charge up by a couple of dollars if necessary but charging a per hour rate for an Internet connection in 2013 is a bit pathetic, if you ask me.

And DVDs! You can hire a DVD from reception if you think the TV is abysmal (which it is). There’s a list of 135 of them in the back of the room guide. And each one is just $6. I mean, really? How much profit do they make on that? I wouldn’t have thought it would be worth the administration.

Anyway, that’s just me having a moan to the world at large because Mirinda keeps telling me to shut up and stop being like Jud.

Just joking, Jud!!!!

So, we left Dural following a very successful conference with Bob and Sue (his sister) in relation to his accompanying her (and Graeme, her husband) on a trip to Britain this year, and didn’t stop until we reached the Norman Lindsay gallery at Faulconbridge. We then had a rather late but delicious for all that, lunch before joining the final tour of the day to see his studio and etching room.

These were a real treat because, while we’ve been to the gallery a few times, we’ve never been on the tour before. Fascinating stuff, including the fact that a massive painting by Solomon J Solomon that hangs in the Art Gallery of Ballarat, was his inspiration. This is the painting:

Ajax and Cassandra by Solomon J Solomon

Ajax and Cassandra by Solomon J Solomon

Lindsay had a small version hanging in his studio to remind him (I guess) of what made him paint naked women so much. I say small because the original is 304.5 x 152.5 cm which is a bit big for any normal room. I mean, seriously, it’s bigger than our house!

The story of Ajax and Cassandra is as follows (this was taken directly from the Art Gallery of Ballarat website, as was the image above):

Cassandra, a daughter of the Trojan king had spurned the advances of Apollo, who punished her by ordaining that although she should always make true prophecies they would not be believed. The Trojans rejected her warnings that Troy was in imminent danger and when the Greeks sacked the city Cassandra fled to the Temple of Athena. It was from here that Cassandra was dragged by Ajax, and it was for this crime that he was later killed by Athena and the sea god Poseidon.

Naturally, there’s no photography allowed in the gallery but, fortunately, Lindsay was very big on garden statuary (as I think I’ve said before) so I could happily snap away at them.


We didn’t wander very long as Mirinda is still suffering a bit from her cold (she discovered today that the nose isn’t blocked with snot when it’s blocked, it’s blocked by erectile tissue in the nasal cavity which I reckon explains why when you blow your blocked nose, not a lot of snot is removed) and we soon found our way back on the road to Katoomba, and, eventually, Lilianfels.

We had to go into town and buy out a chemist but, basically we just chilled until it was time for a lovely meal in the hotel dining room. And I have to say, the sirloin steak was amazing! Highly recommended.

As a postscript, I’d just like to mention what can happen when you wear the wrong t-shirt in Katoomba. I was wearing my I love NY t-shirt when a young lad (clearly trying to impress his mates) yelled out “If you love it so much, why don’t go back to where you come from?” I looked at him and just said “I have. I come from here.” He shut up then, as his mates laughed at him.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    God!!! what is the world coming to that you can’t wear what you like. GRRR That was very interesting.
    love mum x

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