Bang the Gong

I’d forgotten how the rain in Sydney can be so heavy. I’ve been spoiled by the gentle, hardly wetting rain we have in Britain. Today, however, I was reminded as it lashed against the car windscreen as we started the climb down to Wollongong.

We were on the way to Wollongong because we went to visit Adele, Dave, Hamish and Molly today. It was taco night in the Stewart household so we were guaranteed seeing Hamish. It was also a rehearsal night for Cats, so we saw Molly (sadly not performing…we arrived to pick her up but only managed to see the cast receiving notes). Adele made sure she kept the afternoon free so we could spend the maximum time with her. Dave came home from work at his normal time so we saw him as well.

And, of course, I mustn’t forget Charlie (or ‘Charli’ as the dog walker calls her), the golden retriever. Apparently when Mirinda last visited, Charlie was a bit of a monster dog. I find this hard to believe because she was perfectly behaved for this visit.

Mirinda and Charlie bonding

Mirinda and Charlie bonding

Stupidly, I left the card for my camera at Dural so the only recourse I had for photography was my phone. That’s why the above is the only photo I have of our visit. Not that it matters. My memory is enough.

It was good to see that Dave appears to be enjoying a drink again. It was almost like the old drink for drink days of our youth. It was quite disconcerting the last time I visited.

Our visit was interrupted by great claps of thunder and flashes of lightning but we were all snuggled up around the fire that Adele had started earlier. Oddly, Charlie rather enjoys licking the ash of the fireplace ledge. I wish I could teach the poodles to do it as it always creates a lot of mess at our place.

Eventually we headed home through off and on storms, arriving at Dural at about 11:30, more than ready for bed.

A lovely day out.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Lovely day shame you missed Molly singing. my goodness what a big dog like Tracey’s Coco love mum x


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