Glimpses into the past

We didn’t do an awful lot today.

Mirinda went to the doctor which meant we had to visit the world’s best bakery for breakfast. We were going to have a cake and coffee but I spotted a sign which said ‘try our new cheese, bacon and sausage roll’ and found it impossible to resist. I mean, seriously, how could anyone? Mind you, you only need to eat one a year. They would completely line all your organs in cholesterol if you were tempted beyond one a year.

Back at Dural, I spent most of the day scanning photographs and loading them onto Flickr. I’ve just passed the 600 mark. What I’m finding interesting is the fact that I feel I’m getting to know Claire much better through these photographs. Not just Claire, of course, but the focus is on her at the moment. I wish I’d seen them years ago. Sadly, I realise I only knew the smallest bit about her.

For dinner, tonight, Bob decided we had to have T-bone steaks cooked on the barbie. He was right, we did have to have T-bone steaks cooked on the barbie. They were huge; they were magnificent; they were brilliantly Australian. Mine filled my plate so much that I had to eat most of it before I could start on the trimmings (mushrooms, onions, salad, potato). It was joyous.

And here’s my daily blast from the past…

Bright young things

Bright young things

This is after an Easter egg hunt at Dural. I don’t remember it but I’m fairly certain that’s me between Mirinda and Fiona.

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2 Responses to Glimpses into the past

  1. Josephine Cook says:

    Wow bet you didn’t think you were so young love the hair.
    love mum x

  2. Fiona Hassell says:

    Loving the photos !! We were SO YOUNG!! happy memories!! Keep them coming, love Fi. xx

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