Chicken lamb

Apparently (well, according to Anna) the last time Lisa tried to barbeque lamb there was a slight problem. The meat changed into chicken half way through. This had Lisa baffled until she read the packet from where the lamb had originated. She discovered it actually started life as a chicken. Jack cooked the meat tonight and it was definitely lamb.

Having bid farewell to Fi, we set off for our old stamping grounds of the lower North Shore. After a rather unexpected trip across the Harbour Bridge (in my defence, there are a lot more lanes these days), we managed to find Military Road. We are very pleased to announce that Maisie’s still exists at Neutral Bay and, not only that, is STILL open 24 hours. Other than that, everything has changed. Though in a nice way. We still thought it looked nice enough to live in.

Lisa and Jack (et famille) live in Mosman with a wonderful view of the harbour from the street outside their house. They also have a private pole in their front garden. Personally I’d prefer a private Schumanian but then I am a bit selective when it comes to foreigners in my garden. Jack claims it’s for his Internet connection. The Pole claims it’s the only job he could get.

We arrived at the same time as Esther, Sharon, Judd and two little Juddlings. Obviously, they’re also Sharonlings but that doesn’t sound as good. This was handy because Sharon was convinced we’d not find the front door without her expert guidance. As she reached for the gate, Judd asked her why she was trying to enter the house next door. She had no answer for this and we decided to go to their actual house.

The last time I saw Anna (Lisa and Jack’s eldest) it was on the day of her first (ever) haircut. It was quite a traumatic day. Today was not quite so traumatic but was another first. It marked the first time she’d made cupcakes (though Naomi added the sprinkles, I was assured). I’d never met Sam (I am) or Maggie so this was a joy for today. We also met the latest addition to their household: Rascal, a poodle, Cavalier cross who is unbelievably cute. Though, interestingly, his name changes depending on the accent of whoever calls him.

Actually, I’m rather upset at Maggie. I’m still waiting for her rendition of The Rainbow Connection which she almost sang before going to bed. Both her parents (who are clearly unbiased) claim she’s pretty good at it.

Katie and her three girls turned up for tea/coffee/cake and chatting out the back. Richard was off up the Blue Mountains working on the Internet in glorious seclusion. At least, Kate claimed he was working.

We had a lovely day, catching up with everyone and making dates to meet up before we return to the UK.

From left - Esther, Lisa, Anna, Sam, Maggie, Mirinda and Jack
From left – Esther, Lisa, Anna, Sam, Maggie, Mirinda and Jack

Not everyone stayed for dinner but those of us that did were rewarded with some lovely lamb (not chicken) by Jack and some very interesting salads by Lisa.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the amazing museum artefact that Jack calls a television. Anna showed me the tiny square of screen available to a Wii user. Laugh? We’re still chuckling about it.

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